Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Kenape Macam tu?

OK. knp mcm tu?
knp perlu menipu?
sbb nak menjage hati ? ok acceptable.
buat i dun like this way coz it play with feeling.
so no need to treate like this way coz
.i so hate who love to lie y melibatkan hati...full stop!
ok da reason juz coz want to "jaga hati" that way want to lie?? hahaha
no need..dun play like this anymore i very hate.. sies i hate who love to lie..
"Lie is beautiful"? yerp very beatiful for u..
 but 1 day,believe me u can feel what i feel n u know why i think u like that.
and it answer all ..without any doubt :)
ok thanks~

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